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Tragos Quest to Greece

The Tragos Quest to Greece is a powerful overseas experience that is unmatched in the fraternity world. Participants are stretched mentally and physically during a 10-day journey through Greece in June. Each scholar prepares for the trip with multiple books, and various classic writings and plays. Once there, they get to see the very mountains and seas that serve as settings for these stories.

The 2017 Tragos Quest to Greece will take place June 15-25. Applications are due October 21.

The undergraduates are joined by alumni mentors and a professor who help lead scholastic discussions. In addition to the readings, other topics of discussion focus on personal experiences relating to SigEp’s core values. With a diverse pool of backgrounds, the group’s members challenge each other to think about their world differently.

Inspired by the ancient Greek ideals of Sound Mind and Sound Body, the Tragos Quest to Greece provides an opportunity for undergraduates, mentors and professors to experience Greek culture and contemplate the origins of Sigma Phi Epsilon. The idea that a balanced man requires a sound mind and sound body goes back to the time of Aristotle 2,600 years ago.

Ideal candidates will: 

  • Be a current sophomore or junior who will be returning to his chapter for at least one full-academic year.
  • Have a GPA equal or greater than 3.0.
  • Have attended at least one other SigEp leadership event (Carlson Leadership Academy, Life After College, Ruck Leadership Institute).
  • Have held or currently hold a major leadership role in the chapter (executive board, standards board, challenge coordinator, etc.) or has been active in other campus organizations holding top leadership roles.

Tragos Quest to Greece scholars are announced every spring at their respective regional Carlson Leadership Academy. Will you be one of the balanced men who retraces the path of the world’s great philosophers and thinkers? Will you be the brother who discovers his way amid the civilization that our Founders embraced?

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