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SigEp cares about the safety and well being of its members and wants to ensure that individuals joining our organization have the best fraternity experience possible.  We are committed to eliminating risky behaviors associated with alcohol and drug use, hazing, sexual abuse and physical assault.

Risk needs to be a consideration in everything the chapter does. A risk management mindset allows brothers to prevent, avoid and minimize problems before they occur. Brothers must take personal responsibility for their actions to help ensure the safety of their fellow brothers, guests and the community.

Member safety is an essential investment in time and effort. This section provides you with SigEp’s Risk Management Policies and Procedures as well as some useful resources to help you effectively manage risk and create a safe and healthy environment for your brothers.

Policies and Expectations

SigEp’s Risk Management policies embody the values and expectations of our Fraternity. All undergraduate members and volunteers are expected to abide by these policies when conducting chapter activities.

View SigEp's risk management policies.

View the training in 10 video to further understand SigEp's updated risk management policies.

It is important that chapter officers review these policies with their alumni volunteers (chapter counselor) when they assume their position of responsibility. As chapter officers, you are not only expected to abide by these policies, but also hold your brothers accountable to them. Therefore, after familiarizing yourself with the policies, you are responsible for reviewing them with the chapter membership. It is recommended that these policies be reviewed at least once a semester as well as prior to hosting a chapter social event. By conducting these reviews, you are reinforcing the risk management mindset that will keep your chapter’s activities safe over time because you and your brothers will use better judgment in every chapter decision.

As stated in SigEp’s risk management policies, failure to comply with the policies jeopardizes your insurance coverage.  When a member is denied coverage by Sigma Phi Epsilon’s insurance company for violating policies then the member must turn to their own personal liability policy or their parents’ homeowner’s policy.

Education and Resources

Alcohol and drug use, hazing, sexual abuse and physical assault can have a devastating effect on your brotherhood. SigEp offers resources to ensure these risky behaviors don’t negatively impact your chapter.

To understand how all these resources work together, check out the Utilizing Member Safety Resources document.

Your Chapter’s Policies and Procedures

As chapter leaders, you dictate your chapter’s environment. This privilege comes with the obligation to make this environment safe and healthy for all brothers and guests. This requires you to set risk management expectations for your brothers and hold others accountable for their actions. This resource below will help you take these important first steps: 

Your Chapter’s Risk Management Procedures

How to plan your next chapter event.

Once your chapter has comprehensive policies and procedures in place, you must implement them through the event planning process. By engaging in this process and utilizing this social event planning resource, you will be more equipped to plan and manage your event safely by identifying potential risks that arise when organizing an event.  This resource provides step by step instructions on how to plan an event that is in full compliance with SigEp's Risk Management Policies. As soon as you begin planning for an event, use this valuable tool to ensure your event is safe and well planned.

There may be times when your chapter is interested in hosting a concert, athletic event or a large social event that is outside the scope of SigEp’s risk management policies. In these cases, the chapter must apply for “special event” liability insurance coverage with a limit of at least $1,000,000. Go to special event insurance to learn more about when this type of coverage is necessary and how to apply for it. You must submit your application at least 30 days in advance of the event to allow sufficient time to obtain premium quotes.

Should you have any questions or need assistance, contact Risk Management Director Kathy Johnston.

Additional Resources

The resources below supplement your risk management procedures and event-planning guide, and provide insight into other risks that your brothers may be exposed to.

Event planning

What to do if an incident occurs.

Alcohol and hazing

Sexual Assault resources

Learn more about SigEp’s insurance coverage.

Find answers to Frequently Asked Questions.


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