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Risk Management:
Care Enough To Keep Your Chapter Safe and Sound

SigEp cares about the safety and well being of its members and wants to ensure that individuals joining our organization have the best fraternity experience possible.  We are committed to eliminating risky behaviors associated with alcohol and drug use, hazing, sexual abuse and physical assault.

Risk needs to be a consideration in everything the chapter does. A risk management mindset allows brothers to prevent, avoid and minimize problems before they occur. Brothers must take personal responsibility for their actions to help ensure the safety of their fellow brothers, guests and the community.

Member safety is an essential investment in time and effort. This section provides you with SigEp’s Risk Management Policies and Procedures as well as some useful resources to help you effectively manage risk and create a safe and healthy environment for your brothers.

Policies and Expectations

SigEp’s Risk Management policies embody the values and expectations of our Fraternity. All undergraduate members and volunteers are expected to abide by these policies when conducting chapter activities.

View SigEp's risk management policies.

It is important that chapter officers review these policies with their alumni volunteers (chapter counselor) when they assume their position of responsibility. As chapter officers, you are not only expected to abide by these policies, but also hold your brothers accountable to them. Therefore, after familiarizing yourself with the policies, you are responsible for reviewing them with the chapter membership. It is recommended that these policies be reviewed at least once a semester as well as prior to hosting a chapter social event. By conducting these reviews, you are reinforcing the risk management mindset that will keep your chapter’s activities safe over time because you and your brothers will use better judgment in every chapter decision. 

Education and Resources

SigEp provides excellent resources to help educate its undergraduates and volunteers.  Take advantage of these to educate yourselves and all brothers on the reason why it is important to adopt good risk management practices. Educated brothers make better choices! |More


SigEp offers various insurance policies to protect its brothers and volunteers as well as the chapter, AVC and national Fraternity.  The fraternity’s insurance policies will not provide coverage for incidents that occur as a result of violations of the fraternity’s risk management policies.

The Member Accident Protection policy (MAPP) coverage is a valued benefit for brothers who can receive coverage for medical expense related to accidental injury. |More

Crisis Management

Nothing is more important than following a crisis action plan in the event of an emergency.  Follow these steps to create one for your chapter to ensure you are prepared when a serious situation arises. |More


Maintain your chapter house to ensure it is a safe facility for brothers and guests.  When deficiencies are identified after an inspection, address them as soon as possible.  Claims can develop from accidents and injuries in a chapter facility. |More


Incident Report Form
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Third Party Vendors
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